• Review of Avalon Waterways Romantic Rhine River Cruise

    We began our 8 day river cruise in Basel, Switzerland.  We boarded the ship Visionary on Sunday which holds approximately 120 passengers.  As we came aboard, the entire crew stood in a line to greet all of us. 

                The ship was designed with a contemporary flare.  My stateroom, a Category P was gorgeously decorated.  There were floor to ceiling windows which opened about 6 ft.  This allowed an airy feel as if it were a balcony cabin.  Our bed was a Tempurpedic with a plush comforter and pillows.  After an active day of touring, it was a blissful place to sleep.  Our room also contained a flat screen TV, sofa, desk and chair.  TheWi-Fi was free depending on how far from service we cruised.

                All dinners were 5 courses with complimentary beverages.  A choice of Red, White or Rose wine was available. Each portion was average as not to make you feel overindulged while eating.  The food was especially delicious.  Breakfast was buffet style with an Early Bird, Full and Late breakfast schedule.  The buffet selection was extensive and diverse.  The Chef was always on hand to answer any questions or to be of service.  The Lunch service was also buffet style with just as impressive a selection as the breakfast service.

                The boat crew was exceptional!  They were always helpful, answered any questions and needs that we had.  Our cabin was cleaned several times throughout the day, which really impressed us.

                All of our sightseeing tours were well-organized and amazing!  We split into 4 groups.  Each group had their own guide.  Each of us had a headset to easily hear the guide explain the sights we were seeing.  On our cruise we stopped in the cities of Rudesheimer, Mainz and Cologne.  We arrived in Cologne at Midnight and a few of us took advantage of seeing the lights of the city.  What a completely different experience than in the light of day!  We were able to capture some breathtaking photos. 

                When we arrived at Strasbourg, there were some optional excursions for wine tasting.  We ended our cruise on Sunday in Amsterdam.  We were offered an optional tour of the Van Gough museum.

                River cruising is growing in popularity throughout the tourism industry and we can certainly see why!  It is so convenient to have your belongings in one place as you travel without having to pack up and haul your things from one hotel to another.  Not to mention the convenience of stepping off the boat and walking right into the city.  This was a fantastic vacation and everyone in our group had a wonderful time.  We highly recommend this to anyone interested in a unique travel experience in Europe.

  • GoForLessTours.com Announces New Division: River Cruises to Europe.com

    GoForLessTours.comis a travel agency specializing in guided travel to Europe, Africa, South America, the Mediterranean, China, and many other worldwide destinations. Through partnering with some of the biggest river cruise suppliers in the industry such as Avalon River Cruises, Uniworld River Cruises, and Viking River Cruises, GoForLessTours.com is able to offer significant discounts on river cruise vacations.

    Houston, TX- In response to the growing popularity of guided travel vacations, GoForLessTours.com (https://www.goforlesstours.com) has announced the launch of a new division dedicated exclusively to the sale of river cruise vacations: River Cruises to Europe.com. RiverCruises are tours that travel on a small cruise ship via the rivers of a particular region of the world such as in Europe, Russia, Egypt, and China. Many travelers enjoy the convenience of unpacking and packing only once during their river cruise vacation. River Cruisesare led by a tour/cruise director who supervises the tour according to an itinerary.  Intra-tour flights, hotels if applicable, transportation, transfers, most meals, and many sightseeing excursions are typically included but may vary depending on the tour operator and particular tour. 

    “Avalon River Cruises is one of the foremost suppliers in the leisure travel industry offering river cruises to Europe, China, Egypt, and Vietnam/Cambodia, giving the leisure traveler numerous options, “says Kim Brown, President of GoForLessTours.com.

    RiverCruisestoEurope.com offers travelers immense savings thru great buying power by booking travel arrangements in bulk. Additionally, RiverCruisestoEurope.com is able to offer clients low prices because of high sales volume with Avalon River Cruises, Uniworld River Cruises, and Viking River Cruises. These relationships afford them exclusive pricing, and in turn the savings are passed on to traveler.

    Discounts on river cruises are available to worldwide destinations such as Europe, China, Egypt, Russia, Vietnam, and Cambodia to name a few. Quote requests can be made online or by calling 1-800-658-0869 to speak to a travel professional.

    ABOUT RIVERCRUISESTOEUROPE.COM: RiverCruisestoEurope.com (http://www.rivercruisestoeurope.com) was started by some of the best travel agents in the country specializing in the sale of escorted tours to destinations around the world. With over 17 years of collective experience in the sale of escorted tour and river cruise leisure travel, their travel consultants are known for their attention to detail and rapid response to any client question or concern. Additionally, they are familiar with the vacations they sell, traveling annually with our various partners across the globe. Given the company's expertise in the escorted tour niche of the widely diverse travel industry, their customers can rest assured they will experience excellence when booking with RiverCruisestoEurope.com.

  • Why Take a River Cruise?

    What Are River Cruises?

    Experience some of the world's most intriguing destinations with river cruising. A River Cruise is a tour that travels on a small cruise ship via the rivers of a particular region of the world such as in Europe, Russia, Egypt, and China. Popular river cruises include the Rhine River, Danube River, Maine River, Moselle River, Seine River, Nile River, and Yangtze River.

    What are the Benefits of River Cruises?

    River Cruises have several benefits. Many travelers enjoy the convenience of unpacking and packing only once during their river cruise vacation. Not only will you save time in the tour planning process, you'll also save money. They offer a hassle-free vacation. A River Cruise has an experienced and knowledgeable tour/cruise director. The director is familiar with the history and region of the area on tour. The tour/cruise director is always available to answer questions or assist in any way.  River Cruises include your shore excursions, all meals, drinks and complimentary wine with dinner, and local guides.